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Social Sculpture Company
Martin Beutler’s Social Sculpture Company
offers individuals access to a new conscience
through panarchical practice . A type of ruling
system in which people are free to choose their
government, the panarchy considers each
human being as an independent and autono-
mous state . Every Saturday, the delivery tricy-
cle—the mobile and panarchical station of the
Constitution—travels through the town of
Bienne . Passers-by are offered free consultations in
order to create their own Constitution by ques-
tioning their freedoms and their responsibilities.
The different articles (diplomatic relations, basic rights
and duties, policies and procedures, and so on)
are written down from the questions asked by
the seeker . The making and delivery of the duly
stamped document costs 100 Swiss francs .
Social sculpture (Soziale Plastik) is a concept
that was introduced by the German artist Joseph
Beuys in order to evoke an extended idea of art .
Opposed to a formal aesthetic vision, the social
sculpture implies a human dimension that sup-
posedly has an influence on the structure and
form of society .
The theory of social sculpture states that
everyone has the potential to contribute, through
a creative gesture, to the good of the collective,
and thus to act upon society thanks to artistic
activity . It is from this postulate that Beuys
deduced the famous axiom: Jeder Mensch ist ein
Künstler [Everyone is an artist] .  [LF]